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Medical Examination Instruction At Cho Ray Hospital Visa Medical Department

Documents necessary for medical examination include:

  • Original passport and one copy
  • Appoitment letter (original and 01 photocopy),
  • Intended address in US
  • Health information (If  had):  Health record, Vaccination sheet, hospital discharge record, operation record, prescription, CT scan, X ray for doctor's reference.

Examination fees: applied 02/10/2017

  • Adult  ≥15 years old:         4.890.000 VND
  • Children  <15 years old:    3.000.000 VND

Working hours:  From Monday to Friday:

  • Morning:     7:00 – 11:00 am
  • Afternoon:   1:00 –  4:10 pm

Applicants can register in advance by phone or via email.

Medical examination process consists of:

  • Registration & Payment for medical exam
  • Adult >= 15 years old: blood tests (HIV, Syphilis), chest X ray.
  • Children from 2 to 14 years old: tuberculin skin test (TST); Reading TST after 48-72 hours. Chest X ray may be requested depending on the result of TST.
  • General medical examination and vaccination guidance.
  • Registration to Post Office, HCMC for delivery medical files to applicant’s address.

Delivery Medical Files

Applicants will receive the Medical Files via the Post Office, HCMC

Medical fee includes:

  • General health examination, Eye test for applicants who is ≥ 50 y.o. Chest X ray, Syphilis test, NAAT test
  • Sputum examinations and TB treatment (if it’s required) 
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