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Elective Program Training Guidelines for Foreign Medical Students at Cho Ray Hospital Viet Nam

201B Nguyen Chi Thanh Street, District 5, Ho Chi Minh City, VIET NAM
Tel: 84-8-38554137
Research-Training Department: 84-8-38553318
Fax: 84-8-38557267

Elective Program Training Guidelines for
Foreign Medical Students at Cho Ray Hospital Viet Nam

Who can apply?
Applicants who are Medical student are welcomed to participate in elective programs at Cho Ray Hospital. For whom under 4th year: only observation course In order to be eligible for a limited number of clinical positions for foreign trainees, the following requirements shall be met:
1.      Applicants must be in good health and have recommendation letter from their own University.
2.      English language is preferred. Our teaching medium and clinical practice are mainly in English.
Required Application Documents
The following documents should be submitted 3 months prior to the beginning of the elective training program.
  1. Completed the self application form* (available on
  2. Recommendation letter from your academic supervisor or director of your University
  3. Brief Curriculum Vitae
  4. Photocopy of your passport (the page containing personal information and photograph) (scan file)
  5. 01 photographs, passport size (scan file, jpj file, at least 50kp)
What to learn at CRH

Internal Medicine
Minimum times
Surgical Medicine
Minimum times
2 weeks
2 weeks
Tropical Diseases
2 weeks
Head Injury
2 weeks
Intensive Care
2 weeks
2 weeks
Neurosurgical Intensive care
2 weeks
2 weeks
2 weeks
2 weeks
2 weeks
2 weeks
Palliative care
2 weeks
2 weeks
Gastroenterology and Hepatology
2 weeks
Thoracic and Vascular Surgery
2 weeks
General internal Medicine (10B3)
2 weeks
Burn – Plastic Surgery
2 weeks
2 weeks
Digestive Surgery
2 weeks
Hemo Dialysis
2 weeks
Hepato biliary – Pancreatic Surgery
2 weeks
2 weeks
Physical Therapy
2 weeks
2 weeks
2 weeks
2 weeks
Diagnostic Imaging
2 weeks
2 weeks

Application procedures and other information


-          Student can apply by email the application form and send directly to the Training Department, email:,  recomendation letter (2) and the Curriculum Vitae (3) should be sent by attached files.
-          The Training Department will send the “Acceptance letter” to students
-          With the approvals by Choray hospital, the students come Choray hospital for your elective course then, please bring the originals of the Required Application Documents”
-          Elective training term:           Minimum: 2weeks
-          Fee for elective training: 4,000,000 VND/month, pay at CRH when you arrive.
-          Principal of training method: Hands – on training
-          Time for receiving application: At least 1 month before starting the elective course

Who you can contact
Tel:      84 8 3 8 553318
Fax :    84 8 3 8 575171 or 84 8 3 8557267
Students should apply for visitor visa for the training course.
Registration Procedure (Training Department )
1.        On the first day of the elective program: please report to the office of Training Department on the second floor of Cho ray Hospital with the originals of the “Required Application Documents”
-          The Administration Staff of The Training Dept. (Mr. Hai) will receive student, make the student record, and arrange the detail schedule for the elective course.
-          Name tag: will be supplied.
2.        On the second day: pay the tuition fee and go to the department to study.
1.      Every student is assigned a supervisor who will be responsible for the overall objectives of the elective program at the department the student attend
2.      Every student will have an introduction about Cho ray hospital activity after registration.
3.      Student is not allowed to execute clinical work without physician’s supervision.  
4.      Completion of elective program certificate: a certificate will be given to the student upon his completing training courses and passing the performance evaluation by his or her assigned preceptor.
5.      A formal elective report and a questionnaire (enclosed) upon completion of the elective program would be mandatory before completion certificate can be given.
6.      The Medical Library is open for students all working hours, internet available. Open hour: 7am to 11am, 1pm to 4pm
7. Useful phone numbers:
A.         The telephone number of the Training Dept., Cho Ray hospital is 84 8 38553318
B.         Chief of Training Department: Dr. NGUYEN NGOC BICH: 0913137546  or   84 8 38553318 for application information and consultation
C.        Police: 113, Fire 114, Emergency 115
Day-life in Ho Chi Minh City                                              
-          Students can find hotel near the city center, or near Cho Ray hospital, these are some Hotel address
  1. Ngoc Lan Hotel (near by CRH)
               Address: 191 C Nguyen Chi Thanh Str, District 5, Ho Chi Minh City
               Tel: 84 8 39573576
  1. Phuong Ha Hotel (near by CRH)
               Address: 195 A Nguyen Chi Thanh Str, District 5, Ho Chi Minh City
               Tel: 84 8 38571522
  1. Most of foreign students stay in the City Center of Ho Chi Minh city, District 1. It is more convenience for sight seeing, shopping and other services. It takes a round 10 minutes to CRH, by bus or taxi.
The staff cafeteria on the Ground floor, near the auditorium, opening during workdays offers Vietnamese food (breakfast, lunch) (about 1.5 USD per meal).
  1. Transportation in Ho Chi City: The best ways of transporting within Ho Chi Minh City are taxi, bus or walking. If you stay in Ho Chi Minh more than one month, we suggest you use the city bus
  2. Transportation within Viet Nam: Bus service, domestic flights, railway or are available for traveling in Viet nam
In comparison with many large cities, Ho Chi Minh has relative lower crime rates. The streets are considered fairly safe even at night. Like anywhere else in the world, women should use caution when riding in taxis alone, or walking late at night.
Around the Ho Chi Minh city, the potential for sightseeing and exploration is unlimited. Please go to website ofTourism in Viet Nam for travel suggestion and more information.
Estimated living expense:
Exchange Rate: 1USD = 20,838 VND (changeable)

Estimate cost per month
Accommodation (200,000 – 400,000 VND/day)
4,000,000 – 8,000,000
Meal (100,000 VND/day)

1.         Application form
2.          Student record (fulfill when arrive)
3.          Elective report
4.          Questionnaire for student


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